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Message From: pearl June 10, 2013
I've had 8 Rotti's in my life, wouldn't change a thing about them. Even the four teens that ate the dashboard of a car when I did a quick run into a store :)

Message From: Yvonne January 19, 2013
I love rottys and figured once my big boy rufus passes i will adopt one from a rescue i have a 5 month rotty pup who i am going to fix i wanted to rescue but with rufus i couldnt i get so upset with people and loose faith in them until i see rescues and i know there r still some good ones around thank you for that will contact you when my male goes he is 10my and a shepard cross but i want rottys i love their gentle ways Yvonne

Message From: Holly January 8, 2013
I think you are doing a wonderful service, and I have fallen in love with the dogs on your page. I just lost my Rotti in October and I am lost without him. When I am ready for another best friend I will be coming back:)

Message From: James & Cindy Davis May 21, 2012
We lost our beautiful Rotti two months ago. She was 12 years old and we miss her so. I read the Rainbow Bridge and tears came to my eyes. Thank you for providung me the opportunity to read this. I know I will see her again one day. Thank you again and God Bless you. James and Cindy Davis

Message From: Meagan&David December 3, 2011
We adopted Missy from Kathy Hooper just over a year ago. We absolutely adore her. She is our only 'child' aside from our two cats with whom she gets along very well with. Sometimes she'll even share her HUGE bed. I love this dog and I believe she found us rather than us finding her. She is so well behaved and gives a positive first impression to all she meets. Just recently she went hiking with us to find our Christmas tree in Jackson, WY. She is a true blessing in our lives. I am so thankful for BSRR and Kathy Hooper! What a wonderful woman with a HUGE heart! Much Love, David, Meagan and Missy

Message From: Pam Graf November 26, 2011
Keep up the wonderful work and please put me on a list for regular e-mails of what's happening.

Message From: Peggy September 21, 2011
Hello everyone.. Ilost my rotti 2 months ago after 14 years. I miss her so much.. I have a friend that encouraged me to try a rescue but was not ready until last week.. I have put in to adopt two.. A mom and daughter.. I am anxiouly awaiting some news as to if I may be their new mom !!! I have been on line looking at other resuce and this one is the best by far !! There is so much information on this site it is just wonderful. Thank you all.

Message From: Donna Kruppenbach August 6, 2011
I had a lh rotti for 9yrs. german, I had to put him down 2 yrs. ago. I have now adopted another same age my 1st one was when i rescued him. They are such loving dogs.

Message From: Blensipsiodip February 8, 2011
Thanks for a great forum, lots of interesting topics, fun and memorable. Drew out many of the cognitive. I wish the forum administration continue to please all users as entertaining and interesting things. Finally I want to ask: is there a forum for users of Israel?

Message From: MaLynda February 2, 2011
I forgot to tell you the most exciting new news about Bug, his daddy and him are joining the kennel club here in town and are beginning to train on the dog agility course. Bug loves it and he is going to be very good at it. We are very proud of our boy.