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Before giving up your pet, consider the following:  Please Reconsider keeping your pet. Rottweilers bond more closely and completely than any other breed of dog. Your dog would much rather spend the rest of their life with you - their family - no matter what the situation is {less time, smaller living area} - than they would with anyone else. Uprooting them is very hard on them because they don't understand why. And good homes are hard to come by because of over-breeding. That's why, as rescuers, we try very hard to keep good dogs in good homes.  If you're thinking of rehoming your rott because of behavioral concerns, we have good news for you! Almost all behavioral problems are fixable. Please get a copy of 'Culture Clash' and 'Dogs are from Neptune' by Jean Donaldson which you can order from Dogwise or Her straightforward approach to dog behavior and training will give you some wonderful insights into your dog's behavior and how to retrain them to be the dog of your dreams!

If you are giving up your Rottweiler due to a notice you received from your insurance company, please visit AKC - Insurance Companies' Policies on Dogs, you will find other Homeowners Insurance Companies who will except your Rottweiler. You do not have to give up your family pet for this reason.

  If you need to find your rottweiler a new home, and can foster the dog yourself, please click on Referral to find out how to have us list the dog for you.  If you would still like Big Sky Rottweiler Rescue to take your rottweiler and find it a new home(Owner Surrender) Please read the following

Owner Surrender - you sign over rights to your dog to be evaluated, fostered and re-homed (based on temperment)

Please Note: Big Sky Rottweiler Rescue is NOT a shelter. We are a small non-profit Rescue run completely by people who volunteer their personal time, we are not paid. BSRR is a purebred rescue and as such we cannot accept Rottweiler mixes.  If the dog in your possession is not a purebred Rottweiler, please contact a local mixed breed rescue or visit and list your dog in their classified section, or consider having us list your dog as a Referral. Please remember that BSRR cannot accept owner surrender rottweilers from all over the country. We concentrate on saving the rottweilers that need our help in our area, and they are in abundance, so we are never without rottweilers to save. Even when you are in our area, BSRR gives priority to rotties that are presently in animal shelters. ( If you represent a shelter, please email us) Owner give ups are accepted only when space is available. You are welcome to fill out the surrender form and if we are unable to help, will pass on this form to a network of rottweiler rescue organizations in hopes that a rescue near your location will be able to help you.


1. The breed rescue people will take my dog if it is vicious or has bitten people and rehabilitate him/her for me. 

Fact: It would be nice if we in rescue had a magic wand to wave and make every dog non-aggressive. Unfortunately, no such wand exists, and sometimes, bad genes and poor training/socialization combine to create an unpredictable dog who is vicious. If you have such a dog, the best thing to do is put him or her down. Certainly, not all dogs that bite once are vicious. One must look at the circumstances surrounding a bite or act of aggression. But if this is an on-going behavior, there may be no other solution. We would urge you to speak to your vet, or consult an animal behaviorist before taking this step. Nothing is more sad than to euthanize a beloved family pet, especially if there is something that can be done to correct the aggression.  We do have a list of trainers that can assist you in possibly correcting your dog's behavior.  Please contact us for that information.

2.  The breed rescue people will take my old, dying dog and care for him/her in their final days. 

Fact: Breed rescue is not a free clinic for dogs. We barely get by as it is. Vet care is part of pet ownership, just as pediatric care is part of parenting. If your dog is old and suffering, please, end that suffering. Yes, it is hard to do, but you have to look at the quality of the dog's life. If s/he can no longer get around on their own, they are not enjoying their life.  They deserve to have you as their family, be there at the end.  They do not deserve to be handed over to strangers for their confusing last days/weeks of life.  Please, do the right thing and take responsibility for your own family member and euthanize them with dignity.

3.  The rescue group will pay for my dog's spay/neuter, cancer surgery, etc.

Fact:  While every dog we adopt out is definitely spayed or neutered, we are an ALL volunteer non-profit group that cannot pay for your animals needs.  All of our funding goes toward our rescue dog's veterinary care, medication (when needed), food, shelter fees, transport, etc.

Before you fill out an Owner Surrender/Referral form, please consider listing your dog as a Referral.

Your Dog must be:

  • Current on vaccines
  • Spayed or Neutered  

    If not, a donation is requested, but not required; to help us  recover some of the cost of  Vet care your Pet will need in order to be adopted.  If you are unable to meet these prerequisites, please explain more about your situation on the form, and complete all fields in the rest of the form. BSRR will consider your circumstances.  If any questions are left un-answered, it will prolong the review process as we need to have all questions answered.

    You are also requested to submit pictures of your dog, preferably a front and side view to determine that the dog is definitely a Rottweiler. If you have more than one dog to surrender, please fill out one application for each dog, making sure your name and email address is on each application.  If we have any further questions, we will contact you by phone or by email. 

    Your surrender form will be considered by Big Sky Rottweiler Rescue, Inc. and a decision will be made to determine if your dog will be accepted into Big Sky Rottweiler Rescue, Inc. We will contact you shortly with the results of our decision.

      Referral - you foster, we help by listing the dog on our website for a period of 60 Days.  If your dog is placed within that time you are required to notify us.  If your dog is not placed within that time, you are welcome to submit a request that we extend that listing for another 60 days. 

  • You may also complete a Referral/Surrender Request form and we can help you by posting your Rottweiler, or Rottweiler mix, and referring interested parties.
    Please consider a donation for our efforts, all donations go directly to the Rottweilers that BSRR is fostering. A small amount, $5.50, will feed one of our foster dogs for one week. We are not funded by other sources and our time is not compensated in any way other than the satisfaction of helping the breed.

  • BSRR is ONLY helping you advertise your Rottweiler. We assume no responsibility for the placement, health or temperament of your Rottweiler. We also do NOT do any background checks prior to forwarding any inquiries or applications we may receive about your Rottweiler.

    Note: You MUST register with this site BEFORE you can submit any forms.
    All dogs being listed as referral's MUST be:

    • Spayed/Neutered Prior to placement
    • Have absolutely NO! Bite History
    A referral means: The dog stays with the owner until it is placed. The owner is solely responsible for answering all inquiries about the dog. The owner is solely responsible for any and all background checks he/she feels is necessary in order to place the dog into a new home responsibly.
  • Suggested Background Checks to perform when placing your Rottweiler into a new home.

         1. Have the inquiring party complete an application. Because of our new website we are now able to accept and then forward applications through our website. Simply refer anyone wanting information about your Rottweiler to our website, where they can register and then complete an adoption application for your dog.

        2. Complete a
    VETERINARY REFERENCE (click to download form)

        3. Complete
    PERSONAL REFERENCE (click to download form)

        4. Visit them in their home and see how comfortable you/your dog feels with the environment.

       5. To finalize the adoption have the new family sign an
    (click to download form)
        Once downloaded go through and edit the adoption contract inserting your name/ dog's name etc where necessary.

    Owner Surrender/Referral Form