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Mills, WY 82644
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2/7/2021 12:50 PM
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Thank you for your help

Sands Memorial Foundation, Inc.


Supporting Businesses

Darkshadow  Rottweilers

McDunn's K9 Training

Two Rivers Boarding 

Denise Heikkila

3380 Rottweiler Court

Milltown, MT

Helena, MT59602


(406) 227-2650


For donations of yummy Buffalo bones

for all of our rescues!!!  We heartfully

wish to thank:


 DDC Ranch

Craig & Julie Denney

Park City, Mt 59063


Nolan Feeds

Casper, WY



Pet Hotel


2220 S. Whitehorse Bench

Casper, WY

Laurel, MT59044


(406) 628-7938



For Beautiful Artwork:

Janet & Pidney Davidson

Friendship Veterinary Clinic

Toll Free  1-866-986-1386

20 Seventh Ave

Thank you for your awesome donations so that we may continue

to rescue all of these wonderful Rottweilers that we so love.

 Laurel, MT59044


 (406) 628-2889 



Boise Kennels


Idaho's Best kennel - where the dogs come first!

Thank you for all of your help boarding and training

some of our rescued Rottweilers!!  We couldn't do it

without you!!