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A shelter in Northwestern Montana sent us this picture along with the short story about him.  Shelter staff arrived one morning to find this big boy tied to a pole with a note that read "His name is Blaze, he is 5 years old."  Who could resist this face, the sad eyes?


And here he is during happier times - can you see the change in his big beautiful face?



Blaze came to his foster Mom and one look from her was all it took to fall in love!  She promised Blaze that he would live with her family forever, unless HE picked someone else to love and live with.  Well, one sad day he did pick another Mom.  He and his new forever Mom are very happy and having a great time!  That is all we need in our lives as a rescue group - to know that the dogs we place are now loved and happy for the rest of their lives, no matter what the circumstances were that they came from.

Blaze Oct-2008 




Dear BSRR,

My name is Butchie, and I wanted to let you all know how great I'm doing and to thank all of you for helping find me my forever home. I couldn't be happier and am playing like a pup again - I feel so good! I know some of the four footed fur people you help had it way worse than me - like I wasn't starved or tied out - at least that I have talked about, but I still had a rough start, and some big bumps in the road before finding my forever family.  First, I was a young pup wandering on a reservation in North Dakota. Luckily, a great foster mom and awesome rescue lady scooped me up for BSRR and took care of me. Got me started on the wonderfully polite self I am today. Taught me some manners, and loved me just for being me. She found a nice educated man who promised to take care of me and love me forever. But he kept me in a kennel in his garage with some other female doggies who were in their own kennels in the same garage. For some reason, this human didn't get that neutering is not the same for us doggies as it is for men, so he got me a vasectomy instead. Well, you can imagine what happened when one of those adjacent kennels in that little garage had an irresistible female in there by herself. I couldn't help myself and ripped my kennel, my foot and my nose up getting out of there and trying to get to her!  Well, this gentleman decided I was out of control, so called that nice foster lady who came and took me back pronto.  It was nice at her place - but she sure has lots of doggies she's helping. She gave me lots of love, got me healed up physically, emotionally, and mentally, and found another forever home for me. This family really made me a part of their lives. I had a mom, a dad, a little girl, a little canine buddy and a cat or two. It was great. But then there was something called a divorce, which we canine type animals don't really understand, but it caused some tension and the family kinda went every which way. I got to stay with mom, but then she had an accident and hurt her back real bad. She was in an apartment, in bed, and I took up almost her whole place by myself. She wanted what was best for me, so back I went to that awesome foster mom.  Once again, I was loved and nurtured, but I was gettin' too old for all this wandering. I was six or seven by this time, had manners, loved people, kids, cats and other dogs, but no one was really stepping up that my foster mom thought would be able to be my forever home. She didn't want me bouncing around any more, and besides, I had learned to unlatch gates with my nose to go wandering off to find my own family. I know, probably not a good idea, but even good guys get depressed and start to lose hope. Finally, my real heart family heard about BSRR from someone working in your group, and they applied. They had an annoying little girl puppy who needed a big bro' to show her how to be a dog. Funny thing is, she showed me how to settle in, absorb all the love I can, and just how much these funny humans really need me.  Little ol' me!!!  Every day we go for a walk and take turns peeing on all the bushes and good smells. We get healthy doggie treats - I always get mine first because I know how to sit and stay really well. I get lots of kisses and pats and hugs, and get to sleep on the couch with my head on mom's lap while the dumb TV is on. We get our own bowl of ice cubes after dinner, and every summer I have my own wading pool to play in, although I don't like to get my head wet like my silly sister, Gussie, does. She is a clown, loves everybody, and I guess has showed me that life here really isn't so bad. I don't even try to get away now, but help mom and dad try to herd her back in the door when we come back from our walks. They even got me a ramp for the van, so I can get in and out easier, and we have our own beds on every floor, but usually I like the couches better. With a lap, even better. And at night, the best is snuggling on my own futon next to mom. Gussie wanders a bit, so there are beds at the foot of the bed, and when I turn around, she and I can lick noses till we fall asleep. I am pretty sure I am not the only one snoring.  Well, thanks for listening. Just wanted to let you all know that I am doin' fine, and I sure wish I had money or other donations, whatever those are, 'cause I know you all work really hard for rotties and most of you have regular jobs too. All this volunteering must be really important to you, because you have all your families involved and helping us out too.  Thanks again for seeing what a great fur person I could be, and being there when I needed rescuing, and letting me know life would get better. Us doggies can teach humans a few things about being humble and grateful, you know.


Mr. Butchie

p.s. - We also have two kitties, which I didn't really forget, but they don't seem like as much of the pack as the four of us. However, when the older boy, Rocky, meows for cream cheese, mom always lets us have some too. Too bad she doesn't have 3 hands, then we could all eat at once. And I keep Gussie in line when she starts playing a little too rough with the kitties - its not like they're puppies you know!

Thanks again for everything. Keep up the good work!

Here I am with my sis:

Butch & Gussie




Buffy came to us after her beautiful loving owner suddenly passed away.  Buffy was raised on a ranch and really loved it there.  Her owner's caring son asked BSRR to find a good forever home for her.  We tried our best, and as you can see by the picture below - Buffy, now named Sara Bella is smiling and happy in her new home.