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 All dogs have been evaluated in our foster homes to the best of our ability, are current on vaccines, spayed or neutered. Our standard adoption fee is up to $300.  This fee offsets some of the costs associated with spaying and neutering; heartworm testing and preventative; basic vaccines and parasite control; and county impound fees where applicable. After adoption we are always available to assist and advise our adoptive families in every way we can.  We are all volunteers, we do not receive monetary compensation for the time donated to this organization, the funds go toward the cost of rescuing the dogs,.  We have shelter fees, boarding expenses, medical expenses, training expenses, transportation expenses and more.  In order to keep helping the dogs, we need to cover some of these expenses, that is why we request an adoption fee.

Note: Some dogs are in foster homes, some are referrals and some are in shelters.  We try to get the dogs out before their time is up, but we only have limited foster homes.    Please fill out an application if you are interested.  An online application link is found at the bottom of the page.

Donations are tax deductible* (we are a 501(c)3).  The donations we receive go toward shelter fees to pull dogs that are on their last day of life, medical expenses, vaccinations, spay or neuter surgery, x-rays if needed, etc. 

Our list of dogs is constantly changing.  If you are interested in adopting, please fill out an application today as we often have dogs in rescue that are not yet on the website.  We are getting to know new dogs personalities and testing them before listing.

REFERRALS Disclaimer: Big Sky Rott Rescue, in an effort to help Rottweilers needing homes in our area, will list dogs as referrals for individuals and shelters.  Big Sky Rottweiler Rescue, Inc. does not warrant the temperament, health, or history of any of the dogs listed on behalf of other animal welfare groups or individuals.

Requirements for Adoption

Unless otherwise noted, an adoption fee of  up to $300 is expected before you receive your Rottweiler. All Rottweilers have been evaluated to the best of our ability by our volunteers and their health and temperament monitored prior to placement. We do not place aggressive dogs or dogs with reported bite incidents. Upon adoption, copies of all available records will be provided to the family. All animals are spayed or neutered prior to placement and are current on vaccinations. An adoption contract is required before the animal is placed.

Animals in foster care and adopted out through Big Sky Rottweiler Rescue, Inc. are not warranted for health or behavior/temperament and not released until the dog's health permits. This includes spay or neuter surgery recovery. Dog licenses are the responsibility of the adopting family.  Donations above and beyond your adoption fee, are appreciated and are tax deductible if you wish to contribute more.

Minimum requirements for adopting from Big Sky Rottweiler Rescue are:

1·         Previous large breed ownership experience

2·         Adequate, secure fencing to maintain safety of the dog.

3·         Participation in formal obedience training and socialization

4·         Demonstrated responsible dog ownership, and primary care giver of a dog

5.         Including spay/neuter, and up to date vaccinations of all current family pets

6·         Demonstrated financial stability

7·              Age 21 or older

8·         If you rent, we require a letter from your landlord giving you permission to keep a Rottweiler on the premises.

  Any person approved to adopt a Rottweiler from Big Sky Rottweiler Rescue (BSRR) must be willing to  travel to pick said dog up from the foster home where the dog is located.

9.  BSRR will NOT ship a dog to you.  We try to adopt our rescues to homes in our area - Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, and possibly southern Alberta or British Columbia.

10.  If you live out of our area, please try a rescue group closer to your area.  Click here to find a Rottweiler Rescue group closer to your area.

If you do not meet these minimum requirements, please wait until your circumstances change before applying to adopt.

Please note that some insurance companies may cancel your homeowner's insurance if you own a Rottweiler, Pit bull, Doberman, or various other breeds. It is the responsibility of the adopter to check with their agent prior to adopting one of these breeds to make sure doing so will not adversely affect their policy.

*check with your tax advisor on specifics of this donation

Please be advised that we are volunteers. We all have full-time jobs, families, and animals of our own. Many of us work more hours doing rescue work than we do at our full-time jobs.  While we make every effort to process applications and return phone calls immediately, this may not always happen.  Please, be patient with us. Emergency medical calls and calls about the safety of our animals take priority.   Application processing time averages three weeks.

ADOPTION APPLICATION (click for application)
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(If you need to mail in an application click
HERE to print one - however we are able to process online applications quicker than the hard copies that are mailed in)


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