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Rottweiler  : :  Female (spayed)  : :  Adult

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About Dakota/referral

  • Status: Adopted!
  • Species: Dog
  • Rescue ID: D180017
  • General Color: Black with Brown, Red, Golden, Orange or Chestnut
  • Current Age: 6 Years 4 Months (best estimate)
  • Housetrained: Yes
Dakota is being listed as a referral only and BSRR is using information provided by his owner and are not accountable for this information.

We are moving overseas for work and based on past transition/moves, believe that this move and our future will be very stressful for her. We believe that she would be a wonderful pet for someone here who can provide her with long-term stability, routine, and care.
She is crate trained and comfortable in the crate, but she does very well left in the house alone generally.
She has only lived in smaller apartments/houses, but has never been confined while left alone. She does not have accidents, chew, dig, or destroy things. We have a trash can with a closed lid, but she has never been interested in or tried to get into the trash.
She has been allowed on the couch, not in the bed. Everywhere else, she has been allowed to be generally, but she knows "go lay down" (she will go lay down on her bed), "off" (to get off the couch), and when we have people stay with us she is confined to our bedroom at night and does well. She does not express any separation anxiety, but definitely wants attention, so when you are in the house she wants to be in the same space as you, and does not like being left where she can't see you but knows you are there (even in these instances she barks and gets a bit agitated, but doesn't have any major behavioral issues).
Doesn't like feet handled, but everywhere else is fine

She has had some difficulty with physical moves, and gets a bit antsy/agitated during the transition period. She has rarely barked/lunged at anyone, but anytime she does, it is a man. (there are plenty of men that she has gotten along with very well, however, and it would be a stretch to say that she is male-aggressive. Some of our best walking buddies/dog-sitters have been male and she does very well with them). She does not realize how big she is, so when playing tug-of-war or other games, she can be pushy but not aggressive, which makes her not a good fit for homes with small children.

She has never bitten anyone. She is uncomfortable around skateboarders/roller blades and barks/lunges, although we have worked with her on this and she has gotten better around them over the last 2 months.

She is not super social, and does not have a lot of interest in playing with other dogs, but greets them politely and will sniff/play some. In public places/at the dog park, she does well with most other dogs (very small dogs she can be a bit rough with). She does not like other animals in the home and will bark/assert dominance over them.

She gets a bit nervous at the vets, but generally does well. She is friendly with the vets and does not mind being handled, especially when there is a food reward.

guards/hovers over toys and treats - no growling or mouthing - food; will allow adults to take away food/toys NOT kids

She has not spent much time around small children, and although she has generally done well, she is not always especially gentle around them, and will easily run into them, knock them over, or otherwise paw at them. She is not being aggressive, but does not understand gentle play. We have tried working on this with her, and while she is ok for short periods with smaller children as long as there is constant supervision, we believe she would be best suited for a home with older children or no children living there.

Dakota is a very sweet and cuddly dog who wants to sit in your lap, snuggle and be with you as much as possible. She is loyal and loving, and one of the sweetest pups ever. She will chase balls and walk/hike with you, but her very favorite toy is a soccer ball.

Dakota walks best with head halter/gentle leader
commands Dakota has knowledge of:: sit, stay, come, down, off, go lay down. We are still working on "leave it", "heel" (though she walks well on-leash without the command), and "drop it".
Dakota will need a home before August 25.  If you are interested in this girl, please contact her owner who is located in Texas
303 956 3410

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