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Do you have a 'RARE' Rottweiler?  

There are unethical breeders out there that will sell you anything to make $$.  Some of these will try to sell you 'rare' Rottweilers. Sometimes they will be selling a 'Rare RED Rottweiler' others will sell a 'Rare Long Haired Rottweiler'.  These dogs are 'rare' because they DO NOT fit the Rottweiler breed standard as defined by the AKC or ADRK.  


The LONG HAIRED Rottweiler:   

 Edie is a Rottweiler, but she is not within the breed standard.  Her coat is longer, this is a recessive gene found in Rottweilers, and considered a disqualification from the show ring.  Even an ethical breeder may have a Rottweiler pup now and then with longer hair, the difference is that an ethical breeder will not sell you a 'RARE' Rottweiler. An ethical breeder will recognize the pup does not fit the breed standard and place it as a 'pet quality' pup and make sure that it is altered. The AKC breed standard states the outer coat should be: 

"straight, coarse, dense, of medium length and lying flat. Undercoat should be present on neck and thighs, but the amount is influenced by climatic conditions. Undercoat should not show through outer coat. The coat is shortest on head, ears and legs, longest on breeching. The Rottweiler is to be exhibited in the natural condition with no trimming.
Fault--Wavy coat.
Serious Faults--Open, excessively short, or curly coat; total lack of undercoat; any trimming that alters the length of the natural coat.
Disqualification--Long coat."

Although this is considered undesirable and a disqualification by breed standards, there have not been any health problems associated with this recessive gene. While some of these long haired rotts do turn up in rescue and make wonderful pets, any breeder knowingly breeding for this trait and selling the dogs as 'rare' long haired Rottweilers should be AVOIDED and considered unethical. 

For another picture of a Long Haired Rottweiler, visit Rotts Across Texas.


The RED Rottweiler: 

A 'RED' Rottweiler is either the result of heavy inbreeding, or a mix that someone is trying to pass off as pure.  Anyone selling 'Rare' Red Rottweilers should be avoided and considered an unethical backyard breeder.  The breed standard on the Rottweiler color is as follows:

'Always black with rust to mahogany markings. The demarcation between black and rust is to be clearly defined. The markings should be located as follows: a spot over each eye; on cheeks; as a strip around each side of muzzle, but not on the bridge of the nose; on throat; triangular mark on both sides of prosternum; on forelegs from carpus downward to the toes; on inside of rear legs showing down the front of the stifle and broadening out to front of rear legs from hock to toes, but not completely eliminating black from rear of pasterns; un-der tail; black penciling on toes. The undercoat is gray, tan, or black. Quantity and location of rust markings is important and should not exceed ten percent of body color.
Serious Faults--Straw-colored, excessive, insufficient or sooty markings; rust marking other than described above; white marking any place on dog (a few rust or white hairs do not constitute a marking).
Disqualifications--Any base color other than black; absence of all markings.'

More information and pictures of  Red Rottweilers can be found at Rotts Across Texas ; The Rested Dog Inn; or The American Rottweiler Club.